Aztec Masonry installs manufactured stone and brick veneer, as well as natural stone, stucco, tabby, parging, and pavers. We offer a full range of design materials to meet any architectural project. 

Brick Veneer

It is among the most enduring and attractive materials for building walls, fences, and any other projects in or around your house. Bricks do not rot, they are not subject to mold and they never need painting. An entire house can be built with brick, making it maintenance-free and long-lasting, particularly if the material used is face brick. They consume less energy for heating or cooling Because bricks form effective insulating materials, hoping the homeowner to save on the costs of building the brick house. Alternatively, part of a wall of a house can be built in brick, adding a classic touch to the exterior. An attractive feature of bricks is that they can be used to provide every day of patterns for use on a patio, driveway, or fireplace. You might enjoy having a brick pattern that is special to you incorporated in overall design for your home. It is important that bricks are properly laid when I’m taking a project. Badly build walls can start to collapse and can be unsightly overtime. We employed skilled in and experienced bricklayers who will build a brick structure that will look attractive, will stand up and all kinds of weather, and that will last a lifetime with the minimum maintenance. 

Stone Veneer

Symbolize performances and solidarity. For that reason it has historically been used to build churches, government buildings, university campuses, and what are today national monuments. It is dated back thousands of years of the Greeks and the Romans who used it to construct buildings, many of which still stand today. Even stone walls that have centuries-old still exist in many parts of the world. Stone will not rot, will not be eaten up by bugs, and will not decay. Stone can be endure fire and is almost impenetrable. Not only that, but the real stone is the ultimate among eco-friendly materials. It comes from the earth, is modified except to be cut to fit and ultimately return to the earth then changed it is also maintenance-free. No repainting is needed in there is no need to re-install any aspect as there are often is with wood base projects. Walls to surround a yard or part of a building or even a building constructed entirely from stone adds a touch of nobility that few other materials can do. Is stone fireplace as a touch of elegance to the interior of our home. Whether you desire a wall, pergola, other features, or even an entire house built from real stone, and veneer stone or manufactured stone will build you an attractive item that will make you proud and last a lifetime. And it will be virtually maintenance-free.


Stucco is an outstanding wall covering for the exterior of your home. It will withstand hot or cold weather and will stand up to strong winds, sleet, snow, and rain. Virtually maintenance-free, it does not have to repainted or reinstalled as siding does. It is also fire resistant, meaning that your insurance company might consider lowering your premium if you install stucco on the outside of your home. Stucco can be produced in a variety of colors that are mixed into the finish,  meaning that it can be blended in with the exterior design and color finishes of your home. Many homes show an increase in value when stucco is applied to them. By introducing a classic style and an appropriate color to finish, the gain in the market value of the home can help to pay the cost of installing the stucco in the first place. It is important that stucco is correctly applied. Our quality professional team of experts is committed to providing high-quality smooth stucco finishes that will be elegant, affordable, and lasting.


Tabby & Parging 

It is a unique and stylish Stucco application. In essence, it is a layer of Stucco adorned with thousands of shells and shell pieces. Though no kind of finish coat goes on top of it, we use a sealer specially designed to keep it in internal color as well as waterproof it. 

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